Thank you for visiting Yamauchi Dental Clinic.
We have decided to renovate our clinic that everyone can visit us safely and comfortably.
We apologize for any inconvenience it might cause, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Construction period : Feb 10-Apr 21
Closed days : Feb 9-13,
Apr 21-24

During the construction,we’ll treat our patients at a temporary clinic.

5-13-12 Shirokanedai Minato-ku,

Please note that the temporary clinic will be smaller also we can treat fewer patients there.
Also, during the temporary clinic period, we are unable to accept new patients.
The new patients will be accepted from april 25th on.

We are planning to reopen our clinic on Apr 25th.

Please check out HP for updates.

tel : 03-3441-6377